Monday, March 14, 2011

Which Cover? You Decide

As most of you already know if you read Andrea Cremer's blog lately, you know that Nightshade and Wolfsbane have new covers. Personally, I don't know which one is better. They are both beautiful... What about you? Which of the two do you like? Or do you like both?

Personally, I like the second one better. I love how they have incorporated the wolf with Calla and the way they set it up so that the wolf's and Calla's eyes match up. But I also like the original because they have the Calla lilies. Both are amazing.

Honestly, I don't know. I think I'd like to purchase the original cover because I have the original Nightshade cover. But the second one is just as pretty. I love how they again incorporated the wolf by her crouching stance and the full moon behind her.

ARGH! Why'd they have to make such beautiful covers??

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