Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Wonderful Days of Winter in Minnesota

Ugh. Snow. It's nice when it's all fluffy and it's Christmas time and you're like "La, la, la, let's go play in the snow!" And you make snow angels and snowmen and all that great stuff. But it's not nice when at seven in the morning you're trying to get out of your driveway but the car's stuck and so you have to nearly accept defeat and trek back inside where it's warm and you have hot chocolate, until the snow gives and you can drive on the horrible roads.

Then when you do manage to get home after a long days work, the snow plow's come along, and your house is nearly invisible behind the wall of snow. So you have to push and shove with your car until the snow gives again. Of course, then you have to shovel and blow the snow away, taking hours and lots of strength. And finally, when you manage to get back inside, plop down on the couch, and pull your laptop towards you, you realize there's no Internet. And the land line's dead. What a wonderful world of winter....

(Yes, this is how my day went yesterday. Of course, it had it's pluses, like letting me read for nearly two hours! Don't you just love coincidences like this?)

(Of course, it's still cold, and the snow's still there, and the roads are still bad, but hey, at least we have 10,000 lakes and fish)


  1. Gotta love MN winter. How much snow did you get? You must be up north. I'm in the cities and we got about 4 inches on Wed.

  2. Yeah, we got a pretty fair amount. Maybe...6 inches to 12?? I never checked.