Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Harry Potter 1-4

You know those books that don't really need reviews because they're just known as amazing novels? Examples: The Twilight Saga, The Vampire Diaries, and, oh, yeah, The Harry Potter series. But, as the novels were so good and they're so widely known, I'm going to post the books, what I liked about them, and what made them so good to me. Since there are seven, I'm posting the first four today.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone:

As the first book in the series, I think it did a good job of introducing us to Harry and having Ron and Hermione come into the story. Although I think J. K. Rowling could have had more about Hogwarts, she made up with the rest of the books (obviously). I never really got past the first two chapters the first two attempts to read the entire series, probably because the action doesn't come until Hogwarts and I just wasn't interested. Although this book may set you off from the series, I highly encourage you to continue on with it.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets:

So now that we've had our first adventure with Harry, and we've experienced Voldemort, the story somewhat picks up and is more centered around characterization and the nooks and crannies of Hogwarts. We experience a little more about the life at Hogwarts, and as we progress into the story, we come to know one of the many myths about Hogwarts. Including the Chamber of Secrets. I thought that when Harry, Ron, and Hermione were in the Chamber, it went by fast. They found everything quicker than I would have liked, and then suddenly they were at their destination. Although I thought Harry and Riddle's diary was very interesting.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban:

Now we're introduced to dementors, and the wizarding prison of Azkaban. We also learn more of Harry's family, especially his father and his father's time in Hogwarts. Sirius was an interesting feature and I thought the mystery behind it all was awesome. Did Sirius really kill all those other wizards and Muggles? If not, what's the real story? Also Hagrid becoming the Care of Magical Creatures teacher, and Harry having to defend him from Malfoy. All in all, another great stepladder into greater books.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire:

Not one of my favorites, although you could vouch the point that I read two books on top of this one. The Triwizard Tournement was alright but I didn't like the long intervals of time in between. It dragged, as Harry tried to figure out who was trying to kill him, and keep Sirius and Buckbeak safe. The adventure doesn't start until the final task and Harry's sent to Voldemort and all of that, and Mad-Eye reveals himself and whatnot. Not the best out of the series, but it was OK.

Books 5-7 coming tomorrow. Happy reading!

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