Review and Contest Policies


Thanks for checking out my review policy. It's nice to know that you're interested in my reading/reviewing preferences. I'll try to keep this as simple and blunt as possible.

-My reviews follow a similar pattern, which goes as followed: Something about the book, something about the main character, an overall assessment of the novel, and a review of the cover. This format is used for nearly all of my reviews but it is subject to change depending on the novel.

-I am happy to accept ARCs, paperbacks, hardcovers, or published books to review. If you're an author, publicist, or publisher who would like me to review said book, you can contact me at: (lifebyaletter (at) gmail (dot) com)

-I mostly enjoy reading pretty much everything. If you're not sure about a book and you'd like me to review it, you can contact me at the email listed above.

-I provide honest and reliable reviews. If I agree to read a book, I will finish it and review it. I will try to finish a book within a three-week period if there is no date given and if I'm not in the middle of reading something else first. If you want a specific date, please tell me ahead of time.

-I'd love to do interviews and giveaways! Don't be afraid to ask!


-Entrants must be 13+

-I'll announce the winner on the blog and I'll contact them via email

-Winners get 2 days (48 hours) to respond before I choose another winner

-I'll only ask for your mailing address if you win

-I don't keep any of your personal information; it will be deleted once you receive your prize

-Questions? Email me at: (lifebyaletter (at) gmail (dot) com)