Monday, February 7, 2011

Just a Snippet

Hullo. As you know if you've read my earlier posts, I've recently finished the extraordinary Harry Potter #1. I honestly never thought I'd see the day when I would actually start reading the series (I was always freaked out by the movies when I was younger). A friend of mine said, when I was still reading the first one, "Once you read them, you never go back." A little ominous, I suppose. But all of my friends who've read them (and trust me, that's a lot) adored them. And I adore them also. Oh, boy. I will be assaulted tomorrow with a barrage of "I told you so's".

Harry and Hedwig from the first movie

Getting back to Harry Potter #1. Not one of the best starting books I've ever read, but I am fascinated by the wizarding world that Harry gets thrown into. Rowling wrote it so beautifully, that I wish I lived there! The start was slow, getting up to speed with Hogwarts and the other little things like the Forbidden Forest and Quidditch. I'm so used to reading books set in New York or LA that I was really confused when Rowling wrote stuff relating to England. I knew the movies were based in England, but I thought it was just the movies. Of course, when they said they were driving to London for the Hogwarts Express, I kind of slapped myself on the forehead and went "DUH!".

Overall, a great start to what I've heard is a remarkable series.

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