Saturday, February 19, 2011

Angel (Maximum Ride #7) by James Patterson

Genre: teen adventure and science fiction
Age Group: Young Adult
Series and Book #: Maximum Ride, book 7
Pages: 320
Synopsis: How do you save everything and everyone you love... Max Ride and her best friends have always had one another's backs. No. Matter. What. Living on the edge as fugitives, they never had a choice. But now they're up against a mysterious and deadly force that's racing across the globe--and just when they need one another the most, Fang is gone. He's creating his own gang that will replace everyone--including Max.

When you can't be together...Max is heart broken over losing Fang, her soul mate. Her closest friend. But with Dylan ready and willing to fight by her side, she can no longer deny that his incredible intensity draws her in.

But you can't stay apart? Max, Dylan, and the rest of their friends must soon join with Fang and his new gang for an explosive showdown in Paris. It's unlike unlike anything you've ever imagined...or read.

Yes, I took a slight detour from Harry Potter to read Angel. I just could NOT wait!! But don't worry to all of those wonderful Harry Potter fans out there; I am going to start reading #4 today. But, OMG, this was totally worth reading.

This seriously made me cry, and I don't usually cry over books. I will get sad, on the brink if tears, but they will never fall. But this time...yeah, I cried. Something happens to Angel (hope that didn't give anything away!), something happens to Jeb and Dr. Martinez (Max's mom), and something happens to Ella, Max's half sister. Dylan and Fang and Max, they all bugged me! Mostly Dylan and Fang. Mostly Fang. I am officially with Iggy.

This is so worth reading, and as I've mentioned before, if you haven't read this series, you should. Like, now!! I can't wait for the next and FINAL installment of this series. Yes! Coming February, 2012, the final Maximum Ride novel comes out. Can't wait!

The Cover: This cover builds the suspense so much with Max looking all serious and Dylan sitting on the back branch (see him, being all moody?). I love it!

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