Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cover Reveal: Lost in Time by Melissa De La Cruz

Personally, I thought the Blue Bloods series was going to end with Misguided Angel. But I was wrong. Lost in Time, the sixth Blue Bloods novel, will be released October 14, 2011. I haven't read The Van Alen Legacy or Misguided Angel yet, but I enjoyed the first three books and am hoping to continue on with the series.

As for the cover, judging by the bottom border, it has to do with Egypt! Unique. And the black feather is intriguing. I wonder what it's got to do with the book, if it has to do with the book at all. And there are two people on this cover. It definitely looks interesting.

Thanks to Liz from Midnight Bloom who alerted me with this news! Check her out at

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