Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cover Reveal: Once Every Never by Lesley Livingston

Remember awhile ago when I told you that Lesley Livingston was having a new book come out called Once Every Never? (See New and Noteworthy for Lesley Livingston) I forgot about the cover reveal! I was just looking around the blog-o-sphere (first time in weeks) and I found this! Isn't it beautiful? I love the way the girl's hair is swirling around her head and how she's transparent. Very pretty.

Here's what it's about:

Clarinet Reid is a pretty typical teenager. On the surface. She's smart, but a bit of a slacker; outgoing, but just a little insecure; not exactly a mischief-maker...but trouble tends to find her wherever she goes. Also? She unwittingly carries a centuries-old Druid Blood Curse running through her veins.

Now, with a single thoughtless act, what started off as the Summer Vacation in Dullsville suddenly spirals into a deadly race to find a stolen artifact, avert an explosive catastrophe, save a Celtic warrior princess, right a dreadful wrong that happened centuries before Clare was even born, and if there's still time--literally--maybe even get a date.

This is the kind of adventure that happens to a girl once every...never.

(Notice her name is Clarinet Reid. Get it? Clarinet reed? *Long laugh and then a sigh* So punny)

It comes out July, 2011.

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