Thursday, December 30, 2010

Let's Talk Covers

So as you know, I posted yesterday that I had just gotten Bright Young Things by Anna Godbersen, and as I was searching the Internet for Bright Young Things (you know, seeing the reviews, la la la) I found this:

That's right, a cover for the sequel to Bright Young Things, Beautiful Days. I searched Beautiful Days on and nothing came up except for Bright Young Things. So, for all of you readers out there who loved (or love currently) Bright Young Things, I wouldn't get your hopes up considering I don't even know if this is the right cover. But it is a beautiful cover, and so who knows. Plus, it looks similar to the Bright Young Things cover.

And while on The Compulsive Reader, I read that Wish by Alexandra Bullen (which I have yet to read) has a sequel coming out January 1st. And, my goodness, the story sounds amazing and the cover looks beautiful:

It's just a beautiful cover. I actually like it better than the cover of Wish, and the story line sounds better. I can't wait till January, when it's out and I can go and get it! Ah hem, anyway, I love the dark background and the golden butterflies buzzing around. The words really stand out too, and the model is a gorgeous add-on, much like the cover of Wish, although that was more stars than focusing on the girl.

This cover stood out for my on Amazon one day while searching for new releases. I have yet to read the series (I am way behind, aren't I?) but this cover is so darkly pretty that I fell in love with it:

I love how the models hair covers half her face, giving it a mysterious vibe, and how her makeup is so simply pretty. It looks ominous, but pretty, and I love the lettering, how it's simple and doesn't take away from the rest of the cover. It really focuses on her face, letting her hair somewhat blend into the dark background. Over all, just a dark and ominous cover that makes me want to pick it up and read.

Ugh, and finally, this one had been bugging me from the day I saw it. It's a new release, so you can go out and buy it publicly currently, it's the fifth in the Blue Bloods series that I need to finish, and I just loved this cover more than the rest (although the rest were great, too):

My goodness, so bright and angelic. What I've loved of the entire series is the black footer of each book, giving a place from the story. I believe this is Istanbul, Turkey, but I don't know. The wings are gorgeous, and they give you the angel feel. The model looks haunted like she's about to make a large decision. Her black hair really stands out and if you look closely, she has bright blue eyes which I believe make her eyes stand out more against the bright white of her wings. They downplay the lettering so that the full attention is on the model and beauty of the cover. Over all, marvelous.

So, any books you thought looked amazing (or still look amazing)? Tell me about it! And if you disagree, tell me, too. I just loved these covers, and I hope you will, too.

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