Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Boyfriends' Dogs by Dandi Daley Mackall

Synopsis: If only boys were more like dogs. On a stormy night in St. Louis, Bailey Daley finds refuge in an after-hours diner. Bailey, a girl with three dogs in tow, wearing a soaking-wet prom dress, obviously has a story to tell. See, she wants what every girl want from her boyfriend: enthusiasm, loyalty, and unconditional love. And Bailey is always falling love--with boys, and with their dogs. And each of her dogs came from a relationship that didn't quite work out. But don't worry: in this fun, clean romance, true love is never far away--it just waits until you stop looking for it.


Another book that I read awhile ago. My Boyfriends' Dogs was recommended to me by a friend and I picked it up at the library one day, and it has been one of the best books I have ever read in my life (and I'm not joking. Or exaggerating. It has been. Honest.)

Bailey is an adorable character with a lot of problems. She has insecurity issues, which affects her look on the romance part of her life. She's really confident, though, in her own way and she's so funny. Her stories are adorable and had me laughing out loud along with gasping out loud. Her romance vision is clouded with her undying love for her three boyfriends throughout the book. I thought she was a really sweet narrator, and Mackall wrote her so well. I found myself relating to her (even though I have never dating anyone, broke up with them, and taken their dog).

Mackall also writes the side characters in this book well. Bailey's mother is hilarious, and their mother-daughter relationship was obvious. Bailey's best friend Amber was also sweet, but a little more realistic in her own love life. Bailey really used her mom and Amber as her crutches in the entirety of the book when the going got rough.

Over all, I thought My Boyfriends' Dogs was a hilarious, sweet read that had me crying tears of joy and sorrow. Mackall is an excellent author and I loved how she wrote the parts in St. Louis from each persons perspective. Bailey was just a confused and hopeful teenage girl who wished for love, but also had some of the strangest predicaments. I loved this book and would read it again (if I could. Which I can't. Because I have 66 books to read [not including sequels and series]).

The Cover: This cover looks plain, and it is, somewhat, but I like the dog collars (if you didn't notice, the tags state each dogs name on them). But when I got the book, the back was in yellow with the dogs on it so the cover is plain, but the back is better.

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