Friday, January 21, 2011

Lets Talk Covers: The Faeriewalker Series by Jenna Black

I've heard many good things about the Faeriewalker series, although I haven't read them myself. I especially love the covers of these books, Sirensong being my favorite.

I see the point the artists were trying to make in Glimmerglass, although the darkness of the background threw me. The model is very pretty, and the smoke around her face is beautiful. I don't know if the dots are there for glitter, or if they're just fillers. I don't think they stand out as much as they do in Shadowspell. It's a very pretty cover, and I like the dark-light contrast that's going on.

Shadowspell looked beautiful...from a distance. As soon as I saw it up close, I took a double take. On the deer or moose or whatever is in her hands. I'm sure there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for the deer/moose, but it looks strange in her hands. The model, again, is beautiful and the smoke is very enchanting, but the dots this time just look a little out of place. I don't know if they're reflective and the Internet can't show me that, or if they actually are that flat. Either way, this wasn't my favorite cover.

Sirensong is just amazing. The model is wonderful and the flower petals are just right. The dots look more in place. The cover looks a little out of place for the series, seeing how it's much lighter than the others and has pink and white rather than dark blue and a purplish color. It's a very light booking book and I think it sounds intriguing, especially the siren part of sirensong. I've always been a fan of mermaids, and I love when they're incorporated into YA novels also.

(There's another companion novel, Remedial Magic, that's for Kindle on Amazon. Don't know if you have a Kindle, but if you're a fan and you do, here you go!)

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