Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Let's Talk Covers: 2011 Releases

A wonderful story should include a cover that speaks for it. Beautiful covers always catch my eye and make me want to read the book. Here's a list of covers that make me anxious to pick up the book and just read, read, read!

Title: The Girl in the Steel Corset   Author: Kady Cross   Release Date: May 24
I love this cover! Although it looks like an adult novel, the corset showing from the back of the dress really catches the title of the novel. And I love the amazing red dress and steel elements added.

Title: The Day Before   Author: Lisa Shroeder   Release Date: June 28
The model is gorgeous and I love the mysterious vibe the cover's giving. The grass covering her face and her hair mixed into the grass is wonderful, and it reminds me of Anna Jarzab's All Unquiet Things cover.

Title: Supernaturally   Author: Kiersten White   Release Date: July 26
The first cover was amazing, and the second makes another wonderful installment. I love the way the words are backed by an orange glow and red flowers. Honestly, you don't see much red on covers that have to with werewolves/vampries/shapeshifters. I think its a nice change.

Title: Lola and the Boy Next Door   Author: Stephanie Perkins  Release Date: September 29
I've never read Perkins first book, Anna and the French Kiss, but I heard it was hilarious. The covers also speak for the books: they're fun, flirty, and creative. I love this cover, because the model has short purple hair! So cute!

What do you think? What covers are your favorite?

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