Thursday, May 5, 2011

Academy 7 by Anne Osterlund

Genre: teen science fiction
Series and Book #: none
Pages: 272
Synopsis: Secrets stand in their way, danger lurks in her hearts.

Aerin Renning is a scarred fugitive, Dane Madousin a rebellious son of privilege. On the surface, they have nothing in common. But the two most competitive freshmen at Academy 7 share an undiscovered bond. Both harbor a dangerous secret that threatens their own destruction. And while their safety depends upon their staying apart, the two are inexplicably drawn to each other. Even as unknown forces conspire to separate them, their competition turns to friendship, and their friendship to romance. Now not only their lives--but their hearts--are at stake. To survive, the two must unite all their knowledge, skills, and gifts to uncover a secret bigger than either could have imagined. A secret as big as the entire universe....


Unannounced to me, this novel was not set in the present day, but in the future in space. I got quite a shock when I realized that it wasn't a novel set in a dystopian world but instead a novel set in a futuristic space that has a different branches of governments and different planets and technology. But that just added to the interesting plot of this story.

The secrets and lives of Aerin and Dane draw you in. Aerin is so unlike Dane, and knows nothing about where she came from or who she is, while Dane would rather not know what his family's like. The two connected, and I loved their relationship, as they both didn't want to open up to each other but found that they did as they grew closer. There wasn't much mystery, nor as much romance, as the summary suggests, but I did find the mystery of Aerin's past and Dane's family life interesting.

Overall, this book was very different from others. It gives you the feel that you're reading a regular setting, but it's really not, and I found myself fascinated with the world Aerin and Dane knew. Osterlund did an amazing job with this novel, as she set it up so that we learn about Aerin and Dane with them. This would be an OK standalone novel, but I'm hoping for a sequel.

The Cover: I like how it sets the stage for Aerin and Dane's relationship with each other, and also the dark background and the girl's expression. Very nice cover.

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