Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Fair Godmother by Janette Rallison

Genre: fantasy
Series and Book #: none
Pages: 311

When you wish upon a star…if you’re Savannah Delano, you end up with a gum-chewing, cell phone-carrying, high heel-wearing, teenage fairy godmother named Chrysanthemum (Chrissy) Everstar.

After Savannah’s picture-perfect boyfriend, Hunter, dumps her to go out with her older sister, Jane, she idly wishes she could find a true prince to take her to the prom. Instead, she gets Chrissy. Only a “fair” godmother (because she’s not a very good fairy student).

Chrissy attempts to grant Savannah three wishes, which get her sent back to the Middle Ages: once as Cinderella, once as Snow White, and once to save Tristan, the surprisingly cute boy from her school who’s also found himself a victim of Chrissy’s mistaken wish-granting. From trolls to dragons to the mysterious Black Knight, Savannah and Tristan must beat the odds to make it back to modern times together.


I love fairy tales, romances, and humor and this book had it all. Savannah was a great MC, and the people who surrounded her were great too. I don't think that we saw much of Chrissy, but what we did see really showed her character. Same with some of the other minor characters that I only caught snippets of.

The story starts with letters from Chrissy to the Honorable Master Sagewick Goldengill, about her previous godmother assignments and the extra-credit one for Jane and Savannah Delano. I loved that I got the back story before diving into the actual tale, because then I wasn't left in the dark about what happened between Jane, Savannah, and Hunter, Savannah's ex-boyfriend and Jane's newest boyfriend. And when we did go into the story, Savannah told her side of the whole thing and that brought us more into touch with her character.

The story flowed wonderfully through the wishes. Whenever Savannah came home from the Middle Ages, you could tell she was rattled, angry, and grateful for indoor plumbing. I felt that the first two wishes were rushed but they gave me just enough information to open up for the final wish. Most of the story was centered around the final wish, which was so great. Janette wrapped up the story perfectly, including all three wishes into the final wish, which was something different that I loved.

Overall, this is one of my all time faves! It was a stellar book that flowed great, wrapped up nicely, and the characters were so awesome. Janette made every character real, with their own unique personality, including the magical creatures. Janette also pulled off the Middle Ages great, giving the culture without reading too much like a history book. And it was hilarious! A perfect, wonderful novel.

The Cover: The girl looks impeccably like Chrissy, and I think it's funny that she's on the roof.

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