Friday, June 17, 2011

Cover Reveal: Bloodrose by Andrea Cremer

Hey! Yesterday on her blog, Andrea Cremer, the amazing author of the book Nightshade, revealed the cover to the third book in the Nightshade series, Bloodrose:

So, it's in the new covers, which I was kinda disappointed about. This goes back to the discussion I had in March about the covers. I was really looking forward to not only having the new cover, but also the original.

I like how they had pink elements to the cover. I think I expected it because of the the title. Blood and roses are both red, so I had this thought that they would be red. I like the blood dripping off the O, like the T in Nightshade and the F in Wolfsbane. Also, the wolf. You can't really have a werewolf novel without a wolf on the cover. Still, it's not really my favorite of the three. I hope that just to humor fans they'll make a cover like the originals.

What do you think?

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