Monday, November 12, 2012

An amazing contest for an amazing collection of YA books YOU (yes, you) could win!

So, recently, while perusing through the blogosphere, I came across a contest that is so generous and incredibly...well, amazing. YOU could win an entire library of signed YA books:

Look in Beth Revis's blog for a better explanation of the contest and how you can sign up. Spread the word! This is an opportunity not to be missed!

Obviously, I love YA. I run a blog dedicated the books. But why do I love YA? Because it is the perfect blend of adult literature and teen novels. Being a teenager is so hard. Everyone is trying to influence your decisions, it seems like no one understands you, and there's an entire, scary future ahead of you that is completely unpredictable. YA novels are a place to escape from the demands of everyday life and slip into a place where there are strong characters in impossible situations. It gives me strength, pushes me to become great, like the characters I read about. That's why I love YA. There are no restrictions, there are no limitations. It is a world where anything is possible and even the least can become the most. I don't know what I would do without YA novels. So thank you. To the readers who read. To the authors who write. To the publishers who publish. You create places to discover and happiness to unlock.
Don't forget to sign up! There is a handy-dandy link to your right that will guide you to the contest entry on Beth's blog.
Have a great November everyone!

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